In the UK Monostore is well known because of the biogas tank. Our system is the best suitable system to build biogas installations.

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Because Monostore pours the concrete walls as closed rings, we benefit from the fact that the construction as a total is completely sealed at the same time. For fermentation tanks gas density is a very important requirement. The tightness of our system is now a welcome addition. The inside of the wall can be accommodated with a lining during the building period. By installing heating pipes into the concrete wall, the whole surface of the wall can function as a source of heat that is free of maintenance. On the outside of the concrete wall the system will be provided with cladding and insulation. The concrete construction of Monostore is that robust that every possible roofing is easily installed and ensures extremely leak-detection. Besides all these benefits we are also able to provide the walls with many kinds of feeds; a small access hatch is almost as easy to implement as a big access door that gives entrance to (for example) a bob-cat.

Concerning the construction of fermentation installations  Monostore has extensive experience. That results in the realization of large projects, both mesophilic as thermophilic. Fermentation tanks with a height of 20 meters ( approximately 21,8 yards) are well within our capabilities.