Monostore does not limit itself to the build of your silo or tank. Our concept dares us every new day of seeking towards other and new perspectives to realize custom made solutions with and for our clients. Whether it concerns advise, (constructive) calculations or a total well-considered design: MonoConsult is the department within Monostore that is engaged in finding the ultimate solutions and puts its shoulder to the wheel to realize that. Our specialists know where to pay attention to and all their experiences of the past led them to giving solid advice to ensure you, as our valued client, of the ideal tank or silo.

The areas in which MonoConsult operates are:
–           Appliances by the design,
–           Technical information
–           Engineering advice
–           Inspections and expertise in damage
–           Constructive design like:

o  Calculations of foundation

o  Calculations for the tank

o  Calculations for the cover

o  Special situations