The Monostore Group

Monostore is the umbrella name of a group of companies that specialize in the design and construction of circular storage systems, both in reinforced concrete and coated steel. The main office is in The Netherlands (Kampen) and we have our own regional office for the UK in Lincoln.


Monostore – what’s in the name

Our company started in 1985, initially using the name Wolf-System, and as we expanded internationally we changed the name to Monostore. ‘MONO’ refers to the walls that are made out of one piece (monolith) and ‘STORE’ refers to the storage of goods. In other words: solo storage systems.



Monostore BV started activities in the Netherlands in 1985. A sister company was set up in Belgium in 1990. This company, Monostore NV, is based in Antwerp. In 1995, activities expanded into England and Ireland and at this moment in time Monostore Limited is based in Lincoln, UK.



Monostore employs its own engineers to create a durable and robust design, being cost effective at the same time. Therefore Monostore has its own unique and patented construction system by which the storage tanks and silos are built. But most of all, by employing its own workforce, Monostore is able to complete the overall project promptly and efficiently on site.


Monostore Main office

The main office of Monostore is in the Netherlands and the base for:

  • the technical design department
  • the work preparation for national and international projects
  • the logistical centre for the construction of the storage tanks and silos

Monostore Headoffice

In addition Monostore owns establishments in the UK and in Belgium as well, anticipating the fact that our activities increased rapidly in those countries in the past years, and to fulfil the needs of our clients to do business with a contractor operating under the local legal and fiscal regulations.


Monostore make the difference

Monostore are experts in the field of building storage tanks and silos commencing with their design and their construction through to the handover stage. Some very large projects have been completed for sewerage plants, the supply of drinking water and industrial applications. Over the years, Monostore’s work methods have been refined and honed and they have enabled us to compete very cost effectively in many sectors, including the agricultural sector.


Monostore: To releave

Our turnkey approach to the construction of the storage systems, ensures our clients of having no worries about the responsibilities, that one can encounter during these building projects.


Our goal is that there is only one company responsible for the whole project, and that is Monostore!