Air supported membrane roofs, or as you wish double membrane covers, offer a lot of advantages and certainty in the case of digestion installations.

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The design is focused on the following principles:

  • The roof consists of two layers of fabric, the outer layer and an inner layer. A net system prevents the inner layer touching the manure,
  • The outer layer is there to protect the inner layer and is kept in shape by creating overpressure between the to layers by a pumping installation, and to withstand wind load and snow,
  • The gas tight inner layer is located high or lower to the manure, dependant of the buffered amount of gas in the system.

During the years, Monostore invested a lot of time in developing this product on a higher scale and we did not do that without any success!  We focused especially on the operational reliability for years after assembling. The professionals of Monostore are looking forward to discussing this product with you.